Cement sales rise, producers further growth projected, Poland

Cement sales rise, producers further growth projected, Poland
04 October 2006

Polish cement producers say growth rates for this year may amount to 15 per cent on the back of a steady rise in consumption recorded from January this year.

In August, cement sales grew 18.2 per cent against August 2005. Producers 1,626,000t of cement, up from 1,375,800 a year earlier. There are no official data for September but the representatives of the sector say that they won’t be worse. The rising trend has been noted since January.

In May, the largest amount of cement was sold: 1,715,400t. Within eight months, sales grew 17.2 per cent in comparison to the same period of last year and exceeded 8.9Mt. The representatives of the sector expect that this year sales will be 15 per cent bigger than in 2005.

“For the last five months, we have been noting the maximum sales level of 250,000 tons monthly. It will probably be like that in the future as well”, Andrzej Ptak, Cementownia Ozarow cement plant CEO said.

This is not the only plant working at full capacity.

“All cement producers are in the same situation. But there are no shortages of cement”, Janusz Miluch, Lafarge Cement sales director stressed.

The producers operating in Poland are able to produce up to 16Mt of cement annually. Specialists expect that sales will grow 5-10 per cent in the upcoming two years.
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