TUSDEC planning to upgrade CR&DI into certifying body for cement

TUSDEC planning to upgrade CR&DI into certifying body for cement
02 October 2006

Technology Upgradation & Skill Development Company (TUSDEC) is planning to transform Cement Research and Development Institute (CR&DI) into a full-fledged certification institution for cement and allied materials. According to a spokesman of TUSDEC here Thursday, this endeavour is being made under the third phase of the CR&DI rehabilitation project.

TUSDEC has already carried out the first two phases of the project successfully. The spokesman said that the project proposal in this regard has been submitted to Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC). The proposed project is designed with an estimated cost of Rs 67 million. On the completion of the project, CR&DI will be able to carry out 14440 tests besides producing 2, 650-trained professionals in a period of three years. The institute is also expected to produce 36 research studies/papers besides executing 129 consultancy assignments and annual certification of approximately 25 cement factories.

CR&DI was handed over to TUSDEC in July 2005 for transforming it to a certified cement based laboratory. The upgradation of CR&DI is underway, which includes functioning of CR&DI according to international standards as a certifying body for cement and allied materials in Pakistan, ISO certification, cement based training institute and to start and encourage research activities in cement and allied materials. As part of steps undertaken by the Minister for Industries, Production and Special Initiatives, Jehangir Khan Tareen, the project aims to encourage the cement industry to engage in research and development of lower cost, durable, quality cement production keeping pace with requirements of construction sector at home and aboard.

Cement Industry in Pakistan has witnessed a rapid increase in demand over the past few years. Domestic demand for cement, which was 66 percent of capacity in 2003, reached to over 92-95 percent by the end of 2005. The increase in demand of cement can be attributed to heavy construction in private and public sectors mega projects like Diamir- Bhasha dam, Mirani dam, Mangla Dam Upraising project, Katchi canal, reconstruction of earthquake affected areas and the ongoing boom in the construction industry.
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