Loulé cement factory could begin burning waste, Portugal

Loulé cement factory could begin burning waste, Portugal
29 September 2006

Cimpor’s Loulé based cement factory in Cerro do Parragil, is applying to burn non-hazardous waste at its plant.

The  project, which has been submitted for approval to Loulé Câmara, has reached the public discussion phase and is becoming the subject of much heated debate.

Cimpor has requested permission to install machines and equipment to co-incinerate vegetable and animal waste.

The EU defines co-incineration plants as facilities whose main purpose is to produce energy or material products such as cement and which use waste as a regular or additional fuel, this waste being thermally treated for the purpose of disposal.

Cimpor’s aim is to substitute a proportion of the fossil fuels currently used in the cement ovens with animal and vegetable waste which, according to company chiefs reduces pollutive gases by 10 per cent.
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