Rajawali to Place 3 Candidates at Semen Gresik

Rajawali to Place 3 Candidates at Semen Gresik
27 September 2006

Rajawali Group has had three candidates to become the director and commissioner of Semen Gresik Tbk in tomorrow’s extraordinary general meeting of shareholder.  
The Managing Director and Chief Business Development of PT Rajawali Corporation Darjoto Setyawan said that the decision on the new name will be taken on the EGM of Semen Gresik Tomorrow.  
"The regulation of SOE said that the names should be submitted in sealed-envelope that will be opened in EGM. We just have to wait for the approval from the EGM," he told Bisnis Indonesia yesterday.  
He said the cement producing company will have two new directors and one new commissioner.  
But Daryoto declined to mention the name proposed by Rajawali.  
"The regulation of SOE is different to that of the private company. The names are at the enveloped and the EGM will take the decision. We have not told anybody on who our candidates are."  
Bisnis Indonesia sources said Rajawali Group will place Rudiantara as the vice president director of Semen Gresik.  
Previously, Rudiantara was the Corporate Affair Director of PT Excelcomindo Pratama, the cellular phone company partly belongs to Rajawali Group. The source also said that M Cholil, the finance director of Semen Gresik, has been the strong candidate to become the president director.  
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