Birla Corp to raise cement capacity, India

Birla Corp to raise cement capacity, India
21 September 2006

M P Birla group flasghsip Birla Corporation, currently being managed by Rajendra Singh Lodha, is in the process of chalking out growth plans. It has decided to add 1.25Mt capacity at its existing cement units.  
The Birla Corporation cement division has a capacity of 5.15Mt.  
Addressing shareholders at the company’s annual general meeting, Birla Corporation chairman R S Lodha said the company’s priority was to grow.  
The company would achieve the expansion through de-bottlenecking, estimated to cost around Rs 250 crore.  
The expansion would be completed over a period of one-and-a-half years and would be at the existing units at Satna (Madhya Pradesh) and Chanderia (Rajasthan).Lodha also hinted at the possibility of a future plant under Lok Cements, a subsidiary company. The company had filed an application for prospecting licence in Andhra Pradesh.Alongside, Birla Corporation was weighing diversification options. Lodha said, realty and property was an obvious choice and the company would examine the possibility.  
"Real estate development is the flavour of the month and would remain so, for some time to come," he said.  

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