Cemex plans new UK grinding and blending facility

Cemex plans new UK grinding and blending facility
11 September 2006

Cemex has announced plans to construct a new grinding and blending facility for blended cements in the UK, at the Port of Tilbury near London. The company says the new facility, which will have an annual capacity of 1.2Mt, represents a US$49m investment and could become operational during the first half of 2008. The primary product manufactured on-site would be CEM3 - a blend of traditional cement (Ordinary Portland Cement) and slag - which gives improved workability in unhardened concrete and helps to improve the long-term durability of concrete structures that are subjected to aggressive environments.

The Tilbury facility is part of CEMEX’s wider commitment to sustainable development and could reduce CO2 emissions by 50% for each tonne of blended cement produced, saving a total of 600,000tpa.

The company says the new mill will be well placed to help meet demand for the cement required for new developments in the region and the London 2012 Olympic Games.  
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