New Storage and Handling System for Castle Cement – Ribblesdale

New Storage and Handling System for Castle Cement – Ribblesdale
11 September 2006

Portasilo has recently completed the proving trials for a Meat and Bonemeal (MBM) storage and handling system for Castle Cement for their Ribblesdale Works. The Meat and Bonemeal is used as an alternative fuel to reduce Coal consumption at the Cement works and is produced as a by-product from meal rendering processes. The material is very difficult to handle, particularly in pneumatic conveying systems. The high fat content can lead to smearing and build-up in pipelines.

The system supplied included a large site built storage silo to store approximately 240t of MBM.  A land based blower for offloading tanks was provided with dehumidification and chilling system.  The flat bottomed silo was fitted with a screw extractor, which transferred product into a Portasilo loss in weight feeder, which provided gravimetric discharge between 1 - 7tph.  This loss in weight feeder has been specially developed for cohesive products and incorporates a vertical agitator, and screw discharge.

A Portasilo developed monitoring package and fire protection system is fitted. This comprises Carbon Monoxide detection combined with multi-point temperature sensors and an inert gas deluge in the event that combustion is detected.

A pneumatic conveying system transfers MBM to Castle Cement’s Calciner through a 125mm diameter pipeline.  Again, the blower is dehumidified and chilled.

After Portasilo’s turnkey system including extensive civil works, wiring and controlse successful commissioning and proving trials of the MBM system at the Ribblesdale Works, Castle Cement have now placed a second order for a similar system for their works at Ketton.  This will transfer MBM to two kilns, but is otherwise similar to the Ribblesdale Works.

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