Lebanese cement supplies badly disrupted

Lebanese cement supplies badly disrupted
14 August 2006

Cement production in Lebanon has, not surprisingly ground to a halt throughout the country as continued Israeli attacks have made such strategic operations highly dangerous to operate.

Holcim reports that due to the airstrikes in southern Lebanon and Beirut, it has had had to close a depot in Saida, as well as its two concrete plants in Beirut in the second half of July. By early August it also had to stop the plant in Chekka due to security reasons. Fortunately Holcim reports that no employees, families and assets have been harmed by the hostilities.

No news has been reported back from the privately-owned Cimentarie Nationale with operations also in the Chekka valley and Ciment de Sibline, located south of Beirut which has an ownership mix of Seament and Secil. Both will have faced the prospect of Israeli attacks of late given their location, and all truck movements will most likely have been suspended and production halted.

With a ceasefire promised, one will assume that cement production might slowly restart, although imports might be required as a stop-gap while roads and other essential infrastructure are repaired to allow for some degree of normality to return.
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