Date set for cement firm inquiry, UK

Date set for cement firm inquiry, UK
02 August 2006

A public inquiry is to be held into a cement firm’s plans to build a new site to dispose of its waste. Flintshire Council last year rejected plans by Castle Cement to bury dust from its multimillion-pound kiln on site at its Padeswood plant.

Castle Cement, who are appealing against the decision, say burying it on site is safer than the current system of transporting it elsewhere. The public inquiry into the matter will be held on 30 August in Penyffordd.

Danny Coulston, general manager at the Padeswood plant, said: "In terms of both safety and the environment, this is by far the best answer. "The waste will be properly managed and there will be no need for transport."

Flintshire councillors voted to refuse permission - against the recommendation of the chief planning officer - on the grounds of the risk of contamination to local water courses, visual impact and potential risk to human health.
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