Mumbai cement prices cut marginally, India

Mumbai cement prices cut marginally, India
30 June 2006

Cement prices have come down by Rs2-4 per bag in Mumbai even as the first shower of monsoon lashed the city. The price of a cement bag in Mumbai is around Rs 245 now. 
Industry players say that the price cut came as a normal course of action but not as a result of the government’s pressure in the recent months.  
Analysts termed the price cut a correction rather than the effect of the monsoons. However, an analyst said the price reduction was not announced by the companies but was a move by wholesalers to sell their stocks during the slack monsoon season. No such reduction has been announced in other parts of the country.  
Terming the reduction as seasonal and insignificant to indicate anything big, analysts said more reduction in the price could be expected. The prices had risen by 50 per cent in the last 12 months even as cement consumption hit an all-time high riding on a booming economy.  
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