Vladimir Reg govt accepts offer to build $110 mln cement plant, Russia

Vladimir Reg govt accepts offer to build $110 mln cement plant, Russia
28 June 2006

The government of Russia’s Vladimir Region has accepted a proposal by the Czech Republic’s ZVM Industry to build a US$110m cement plant in the region with an annual output of 1Mt, the region’s Governor Nikolai Vinogradov said at the presentation of the project.  
The Vladimir Region’s government plans to sign an agreement with ZVM Industry within a month, Vinogradov said. By that time the regional government expects to have decided on the annual supply of 180 million kilowatt-hours of electric power and 87Mm3 of natural gas to the yet-to-be-built plant.  
The Czech republic’s CZMT Engineering and Russia’s Stroitelny Soyuz, or Construction Union, will build the plant. Construction of the plant is expected to take three years.  
Czech companies will supply half of the equipment for the plant, while Russian companies will supply the other half.  
ZVM Industry, which will own the plant during its construction, plans to sell it to a large construction company once the plant has been completed.  
The cement plant will be built in the Vladimir Region’s Sudogda district, where large deposits of limestone and clay needed for cement production have been discovered. The combined reserves of clay at the deposits amount to 140 million tonnes, while reserves of limestone amount to 350 million tonnes. The licenses to develop these deposits should be purchased at an auction organized by Russia’s Natural Resource Ministry.  
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