New cement silos for CHC

New cement silos for CHC
19 June 2006

Chia Hsin Cement Greater China Holding Corporation (CHC) has announced that its two new cement silos in Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, the PRC were completed in late May, and will be put into use  on 15 June, each offering a storage capacity of 15,000t. The construction of the two new  facilities commenced in October 2005, with the actual investment close to the planned investment  of US$4.4m.   

“The two new cement silos represent an important investment decision made in 2005, when the  Group faced a cyclical downturn in the cement industry, and determined to enhance its  competitiveness through strengthening its edge in distribution, improving distribution efficiency and  increasing production capacity,” said Mr. Chang Kang Lung, Jason, Chief Executive Officer of CHC  Greater China.

“These two new facilities not only allow the Group to capture the upcoming industry  opportunities, but also lay a strategic foundation for us to expand our scale of development.   With the completion of the two cement silos, the Group now operates a total of six cement silos  that provide a combined capacity of 90,000t. The enhanced storage capacity, coupled with  our increased production capabilities, will enable the Group to prepare to expand into market with great flexibility and further develop its export and domestic sales businesses in tandem, so as to  increase the market share. In addition, the new cement silos will provide more room for the Group  to increase its product variety, so as to address the diversified demand in the cement market,”  continued Mr. Chang.  
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