Government suspends protective tariff on cement, Liberian

Government suspends protective tariff on cement, Liberian
07 June 2006

The Liberian government is not leaving any stone unturned in ensuring what is appropriate for the citizens as well as the huge development initiatives ahead.

Few weeks after announcing that individuals interested in importing cement were free to do so in the wake of CEMENCO’s inability to adequately supply the market, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has taken another  step.

An Executive Mansion release issued late last evening said the Liberian leader has issued Executive Order No. 5 which orders the suspension of "protective tariff" on cement.

According to the release which is under the signature of Acting Presidential Press Secretary Charles Nelson, the Executive Order takes effect on the 5th day of June 2006.

The Executive Order No. 5 states that "the Government of Liberia in the interest of competition with cost reduction effect has determined that US$2.00 per 50kg bag as protective tariff imposed on Portland cement for construction, under the Revenue Code of Liberia act of 2000, Tariff Schedule No. 25.23 is hereby suspended with immediate effect." The intent of Executive Order No. 5, the release said is to encourage the establishment of local industries for the supply of goods and services to the public at reasonable prices, to which the government of Liberia has granted incentives to local industries, including CEMENCO on raw materials for the production of cement product.

The Executive Order No. 5, the release said is also intended to protect infant industries, promote growth and subsequently enhance local markets.
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