Tarmac plans to make more of mortar, UK

Tarmac plans to make more of mortar, UK
16 May 2006

Tarmac in the UK is announcing plans to invest more than UK£20m over five years in the strategic development of its national mortar business in a move that will transform the UK mortar market.

In the first phase of this investment, Tarmac has invested in the expansion of its Dry Silo Mortar (DSM) business, with the creation of a fifth DSM plant at Colchester Quarry. The company is also investing in the development of a further plant south of the Thames and construction is expected to start next year.

Darren Waters, Tarmac’s Mortar Director, commented: “We believe the scale and pace of our plans to expand our Dry Silo Mortar business, which includes the construction of two new plants, will change the shape of the UK market. These plans underline our commitment to providing customers with a national service, backed by the most comprehensive range of mortar products available from any sole provider.
“We have noted in recent years that just as demand for dry silo mortar has grown, so demand for ready-to-use products has increased. Developers continue to use both products – preferring to use ready-to-use mortar when building first starts on site, before water and power supplies are in place or during the final stages of the build, when space on site is limited.

Tarmac’s plans are based on creating new DSM plants close to existing sand reserves and the plant at Colchester shares its site with Stanway Quarry – a working sand and gravel quarry. This strategic co-location means Tarmac can develop a mortar business with a uniquely robust supply chain, ensuring guaranteed supplies to developers around the UK.

“Each of our dry silo mortar plants is capable of producing between 400-800tpd, or 100,000-200,000tpa. This flexible production capacity means we can respond to our customers needs wherever and whenever needed.”
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