Green Energy Benny Farm takes bronze

Green Energy Benny Farm takes bronze
05 May 2006

The Green Energy Benny Farm project, developed by Montreal-based (l’Office de l’éclectisme urbain et fonctionnel) Pearl Poddubiuk et associés, Architects in partnership with the engineering firm of Martin Roy et Associés, won the Bronze prize at the global Holcim Awards in Bangkok, Thailand in late April. Last September, the team took home the Gold prize in the North American Holcim Awards, thereby qualifying for the global competition among the 15 best projects from around the world. This international award was accompanied by a $150,000 US cash prize.
The project is a model of urban architecture and landscaping. It comprises the sustainable construction and renovation of 187 housing units on four properties, each linked to a common green infrastructure. 
"This award is the culmination of 15 years of sustained efforts by the designers and their partners. These efforts were founded on genuine social and community values, fused with the project artisans’ vision of viable urban development," said architect Daniel Pearl. 
 The Benny Farm project hopes to obtain LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certification as a model of green architecture and the enlightened use of various technological innovations to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, potable water consumption and waste production, and to increase energy efficiency. 
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