Green Energy Benny Farm takes Bronze

Green Energy Benny Farm takes Bronze
26 April 2006

St. Lawrence Cement and L’OEUF (l’Office de l’eclectisme urbain et fonctionnel) - Pearl Poddubiuk et associes, Architects - in partnership with the firm of Martin Roy et Associes, are pleased to announce that the "Green Energy Benny Farm" project took the bronze prize at the global Holcim Awards yesterday in Bangkok, Thailand. 
The "Green Energy Benny Farm" project, developed by Montreal-based L’OEUF, in partnership with the engineering firm of Martin Roy et Associes, took home the Gold prize in the North American Holcim Awards last September, thereby qualifying for the global competition among the 15 best projects from around the world. This international award was accompanied by a US US$150,000 cash prize. 
"I would like to congratulate the designers of the "Green Energy Benny Farm" project on this Bronze award, the crowning glory of their innovative journey to sustainable construction," said Philippe Arto, President and Chief Executive Officer of St. Lawrence Cement. "This project is concrete proof that it is possible to take into account environmental, socio-economic and cultural factors in the construction of sustainable buildings. I am convinced that the approach put forward in Montreal by L’OEUF and its partners will become a benchmark in urban development and will inspire other creative minds around the world," he concluded. 
The Bronze award winner, the "Green Energy Benny Farm" project, is a model of urban architecture and landscaping. It comprises the sustainable construction and renovation of 187 housing units on four properties, each linked to a common green infrastructure.
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