New orders for Analyzer Systems Inc (ASYS)

New orders for Analyzer Systems Inc (ASYS)
26 April 2006

Analyser Systems (ASYS) is pleased to announce some recent sales of its successful Elemental Belt Analyzer EBA to the following cement plants:

Holcim, Morocco
The plant of Oujda installed one EBA ahead of the preblending piles for pile composition control.  The proportioning of limestone and clay into the piles is accomplished by the new version of RMP, a blend control system from ABB who had supplied the plant control systems at Oujda.

Ciments de Gabès, Tunisia
This plant of the Portuguese Secil group is installing one EBA analyzer on the feed belt to the preblending pile for control of its composition. A QCX BlendExpert system will control the feeders of the raw materials being stacked on the pile. ASYS is subcontractor to FLSmidth Automation France.

Lafarge Cement, UK
The Dunbar, Scotland Works have ordered one ASYS EBA unit for monitoring and control of their preblending piles. The highly variable material flow rate coming form the crusher will be analyzed with guaranteed accuracy by the analyzer’s patented Automatic Belt Load Compensation ABLC.

Dyckerhoff Zement, Germany
The Göllheim plant is preparing to install one EBA analyzer on the stacker belt going to the preblending pile. It will handle the variable belt load with ease and monitor the actual minute-by-minute material chemistry as well as the tons-weighted cumulative pile composition, thus allowing the operator to control and maintain target chemistry in the pile.

Caribbean Cement Company, Jamaica W.I.
This plant, located in Kingston, already operates an ASYS analyzer on the existing kiln line, to control raw mix proportioning utilizing a QCX BlendExpert for feeder control. An order was placed for a second EBA analyzer for the new Kiln No. 5 production line to control its separate raw mix preparation.
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