Cement industries polluting city environment

Cement industries polluting city environment
13 April 2006

A total of 20 cement grinding plants industries established in the residential areas of the Dhaka, Bangladesh have dangerously been polluting the environment, reports BDNEWS. According to sources the directorate of environment (DoE) has issued environmental certificates to 15 out of 35 cement industries in Dhaka division. 

Other 20 industries have been established in a 2km area of residential districts. Those industries have not been given clearance for not installing any system for security to human health from harmful dust. Yet the industries have been continuing their production violating the environment laws. 

The industries that have been given clearance are Premier Cement, Shah Cement, Holcim Cement, Scan Cement, Cemex Cement, Eastern Cement, Anwar Cement, Meer Cement, Crown Cement, Metropolitan Cement, Bangla Cement, Bengal Cement, Fresh Cement and Akij Cement.

The assistant director of the directorate of environment told BDNEWS that it allowed 15 cement industries and those are being inspected every three months. These are also inspected at the time of renewal of certificates.

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