Lucka boosts sales

Lucka boosts sales
12 April 2006

Former cement producer Cementaren Lietavska Lucka (CLL) reported sales of its own products and services at SKK 188.8m last year. This is an increase of 11 per cent y/y, according to data provided to SITA by representatives of the firm’s majority owner, company Calmit, Bratislava. 

Sales of goods rose 7.2 per cent y/y to SKK 73.6m. This includes a sizeable amount of ground limestone. However, sales of goods will decrease, since sale of cement  products in CLL ends in 2006 and the company will only sell remaining goods on stock, said Calmit representatives. T

Lucka posted export sales of SKK 3.6m last year, placing its products chiefly in Poland and the Czech

Republic. Total output of CLL reached 178,000t last year, while it was 143,000 tons in 2004. 

Bratislava-based Calmit became a majority shareholder of the firm last year. Calmit reported sales of own products and services at SKK 595.5m last year, while sales of goods reached SKK 41.4m. Dutch firm Doninvest International BV is a sole partner of Calmit. It invested SKK 173.5m in the Slovak company. (EUR 1 = SKK 37.568).

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