Union rep says strike would be last resort in negotiations with Nevada Cement

Union rep says strike would be last resort in negotiations with Nevada Cement
29 March 2006

Nevada Cement is negotiating with union representatives concerning two contract issues—health care premiums and the company’s pension plan—and if those negotiations don’t yield an agreement, union representatives will discuss with Cement Company union employees the possibility of striking.

About 89 employees are represented by either Laborers International Union of North America Local 169 or Teamsters Union Local 533; and last Friday, both unions took a vote on Nevada Cement’s contract, which included salary increases, vacation time, pension plan and health insurance, and that contract was rejected.

Although union representatives indicated the wage package was agreed upon, issues involving health and welfare and the pension plan were not acceptable.

Now a full negotiation committee, which includes the Teamsters, Laborers, Cement company rank and file ,and Nevada Cement officials, has been meeting to discuss the contract; and Teamsters Local 533 Secretary/Treasurer Mark Tracy emphasized late Monday that striking is the last step and said, “We won’t recommend striking until it (negotiations) breaks down.”

At the start of Monday’s negotiation meeting, Tracy brought Teamsters Union business agents in charge of truck and rail transportation to the meeting and urged the Committee to reach an agreement.

He said, “The Teamsters will support our (negotiation) committee and if the committee decides that a strike is necessary, that Teamsters will shut down every truck and train coming into Nevada Cement.”

He continued, “I sincerely hope you can reach agreement and the next time we meet, I would like to greet everyone with a handshake and a contract instead of a picket.”

According to Nevada Cement Executive Vice President Joe Sells, 89 employees area affected by the negotiations and these workers in production, maintenance and shipping.

Sells stressed work is continuing and that Nevada Cement would continue to supply Cement to its customers.

Nevada Cement opened in 1968 and at one time was the area’s largest employer.
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