ACC wins fly ash award

ACC wins fly ash award
28 December 2005

ACC was awarded the National Award for being the “Best User in India” of a Mineral Component Fly Ash by Fly Ash Utilization Mission, TIFAC, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The award was presented by Kapil Sibal, Minister of State for S&T and Ocean Development (Independent Charge), Government of India, A. Raja, Minister for Environment & Forests and P.M. Sayeed, Minister for Power, Government of India.
ACC has achieved spectacular results in the utilization of two hazardous and pollutant industrial wastes - namely fly-ash from thermal power stations and slag from steel plants - to make “Composite Cements” that offer unique advantages and special properties as compared to ordinary cements.
ACC’s state-of-the-art technology utilizes Fly Ash, a waste pollutant of the power sector, and transforms it to create a new class of cements that go into making High Performance Concrete – concrete that offers “High Strength and High Durability”. These cements are found to offer certain advantages including lower permeability, better workability, lower heat of hydration and greater resistance to attack from aggressive elements in soil, water and air leading to durability - all of which make them valuable for general construction as well as being suitable for special applications such as dams, reservoirs and large masonry constructions.
ACC’s Composite Cement was introduced in 1997 as general-purpose cement and branded as “ACC Suraksha” for use in RCC, PCC and Cement Masonry applications for structural and non-structural applications. Today, ACC Suraksha is the largest-selling brand name in India, enabling ACC to get the “Best User Award” as the best user of a mineral component Fly Ash, by TIFAC, Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India. ACC Suraksha cement has the distinction of being a “green cement”, due to its lower CO2 emissions, conservation of a non-renewable limestone and gainful utilization of a hazardous industrial bye-product. Published under Cement News