Cement group urges posting of retail prices, Philippines

Cement group urges posting of retail prices, Philippines
04 October 2005

The Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines, Inc has requested its members to post suggested retail prices in areas where there are concerns about pricing.  
Renato C Sunico, group chairman, said the request will be made after the Trade department brought to attention of the group the request of contractors to publish prices.  
"We will request our individual members to publish the suggested retail price of their cement in areas where there are questions about the pricing," Mr Sunico said. 
The concern of contractors on cement prices, Trade Sec. Peter B. Favila said, was raised during his recent meeting with the cement group.  
Mr Sunico said Mr. Favila indicated Mindanao as one of the areas where there were concerns of over pricing.  
The manufacturers’ group met with the Department of Trade and Industry to discuss the cement industry.  
Mr Sunico said they are still awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision on their motion for leave of court on its ruling to disallow the Trade department from imposing a safeguard duty on imported cement.   Published under Cement News