Lao factory lifts cement to international level

Lao factory lifts cement to international level
15 September 2005

The Vang Vieng Cement Factory is gaining more international export opportunities as its cement reaches international standards.  

The company has focused recent production on two styles of cement for export. The first style meets the American standard (ASTMC-150), while the second meets the Chinese standard.  

The factory has the capacity to produce 200,000t of cement annually and has been concentrating on reaching the highest possible standard.  

The factory is striving to meet the internationally accepted standard of ISO 9001: 2000 as it will mean the concrete produced can be exported to more countries.  

Vanthong Sithikoun, the factory’s director, said recently that the factory has invited highly experienced teachers to train the factory staff in the processes that will need to be undertaken to ensure the concrete meets the international standard.  

With the help of the teachers, Mr Vanthong believes that the factory will be ready to export high quality cement that reaches international standards by next year.  

The factory is seen as one of the many success stories in Laos in recent years, particularly in the battle to eradicate poverty and lift the country off the list of least developed nations by 2020.  

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