New Lorry Fleet For Lafarge Cement

New Lorry Fleet For Lafarge Cement
20 July 2005

Lafarge Cement UK has invested more than £7m in a new lorry fleet, leading to quieter, safer, more environmentally-friendly transportation of its famous Blue Circle brand of cement from its Cauldon Works, near Ashbourne.  Over two years the company is replacing its old fleet with 109 state-of-the-art lorry tractor units from DAF, and 43 bulk tank trailers from specialist manufacturer, Feldbinder. 
Alaister White, Lafarge’s logistics manager, said: "Once the replacement programme is completed (early next year), the company will have the most up-to-date cement distribution fleet in the country.This is great news for Cauldon Works and for all our neighbours and customers. 
"The new vehicles are amongst the quietest on the road; they meet stringent European environmental standards meaning lower exhaust emissions; and they have the latest fuel efficient automated gearbox. 
"On top of all this, the lorry units are fitted with the latest driver-friendly interiors, making our fleet more comfortable and therefore safer to drive."  And, as the lorries are each able to carry more tonnes of cement, Lafarge has apparently been able to reduce its number of vehicle journeys by 17 per cent.  Published under Cement News