Akmenes Cementas H1

Akmenes Cementas H1
19 July 2005

Akmenes Cementas, Lithuania’s only producer of cement, earned 2.7 per cent more income in the first six months of this year than it did the year ago - 47.2m litas (EUR 13.6m).  In June, the company had sales of 15.17m litas (EUR 4.5m). The monthly sales went up 22 per cent compared with June of 2004. 

”In summer, export contracts were justified, besides, we recovered positions in the domestic market” Arturas Zaremba, the managing director of the cement company, told ELTA.  Zaremba stated that, hopefully, Akmenes Cementas will increase sales and will not carry a loss in 2005. The annual sales of the Lithuanian firm stood at 103.9 million litas (EUR30.1m); its net gain was 3.9m litas (EUR1.13m). 

Akmenes Cementas delivers more than half of output inside the country, where it controls 60 per cent of the cement market. This share decreased in 2005 from 70 per cent in the previous year. 

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