Gongyuan Cement project announced

Gongyuan Cement project announced
27 June 2005

The Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Government of Shenyang, Liaoning, China hereby announces the following project for the city of Shenyang that is seeking foreign direct investment.  The project consists of a  RMB 500 million yuan cement works capable of producing 4Mta cement. The first stage project is to produce 2Mta of cement.
Since 2004, the real estate industry has developed rapidly over the country and such a trend is very strong in Shenyang. It is estimated that the demand on the building material market is very great. It has good development prospects. Therefore, developing the major building material industry of cement will bring very big space for profits and tax revenue at the same time.  It is estimated that the annual production value will be RMB 1 billion yuan, the profit will be RMB 100 million yuan, and the tax revenue will be RMB18 million yuan.  Investment Recovery Period: 2 years  
Available Base and Input of Chinese Party: Yaoqian Town in the district is equipped with good infrastructure for building materials and loose environment. Sujiatun District will provide the most preferential policies to investors.  The foreign party is required to provide funds, equipment and technology etc.  Projected Total Investment sought US$61m.
Project Office of Sujiatun District, Shenyang
Chenxiangtun Town, Sujiatun District, Shenyang, Liaoning
Company Contact:   Zhang Yingqiang, Sha Yingpu, Director
Contact email:    2005nea@163.com
Contact Phone/Fax: 86-24-89813493, 86-24-22721432 
This project is one of many investment opportunities in China being featured at the "2005 Northeast Asia Hi-Tech Fair" to be held on September 21st - 24th, 2005 in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province of P. R. China. The fair is approved by Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of the People’s Republic of China and will include the participation of the Korea Foreign Trade Association, The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, The Ministry of Agriculture of People’s Republic of Mongolia, Sino-Kyushu Industrial Technology Consultation.

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