Hazardous waste bill clears House, Senate

Hazardous waste bill clears House, Senate
17 May 2005

Passage of the hazardous waste bill by the Missouri Legislature didn’t create the stir that the new school funding formula did, but its impact will be felt in Northeast Missouri It is estimated that Continental Cement will realise a savings of approximately $1.2m per year under the new legislation.

 "BASF and Continental provide great economic opportunities for our region," said Cauthorn. "They offer jobs to hard-working Missourians and their products should be made and sold right here in our state. We need to continue promoting job-friendly policies to keep our economy growing. This bill ensures proper handling of hazardous waste while keeping jobs here in Missouri, not in Illinois."

 Rep. Steve Hobbs, R-Mexico, who Cauthorn credited with "carrying" the bill in the House, cited the benefits the bill’s passage could bring. "I am really happy with what this legislation will do for Hannibal. Hopefully, this will be a stepping stone in bringing more jobs to Northeast Missouri," he said. "I was very pleased to be able to work on the bill. We cut administration costs in the Department of Natural Resources, allowing more dollars to flow to regional projects."

 Rep. Rachel Bringer, D-Palmyra, was one of the co-sponsors for the bill in the House. She is thankful for the backing the bill received. According to Bringer, the bill was a result of the work done by the Joint Committee on Hazardous Waste, which toured BASF and Continental Cement last summer as part of its committee hearings. "The committee was very receptive to testimony about the unfairness of the current fee structure and the importance of these two businesses for Northeast Missouri," she said.

In addition to restructuring hazardous waste fees, the legislation also carries provisions that address scrap tyre dumps. According to Cauthorn, the Department of Natural Resources will be held accountable for funds used to clean tyres dumped throughout the state. Missouri vendors bidding on the removal of these tyres will be given preference during the contract process.

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