Holcim NZ looks for expansion

Holcim NZ looks for expansion
09 March 2005

Holcim New Zealand today said it was considering new manufacturing plants in the face of increasing consumer demand and production shortfalls.  Holcim NZ’s Cape Foulwind plant, near Westport, was unable to meet current and future demand and extra cement was being imported to meet the shortfall.  

Holcim NZ today said it was considering upgrading its Cape Foulwind operation, or building replacement or additional plant at Westport, Oamaru, South Waikato, or King Country. "Drilling work is underway to assess the potential resources at Westport, and will also shortly begin in South Waikato/King Country,’’ Holcim NZ said in a statement. "Given the distributed nature of the New Zealand market, the transportation of cement by ship, rail and road is a key aspect of any option,’’ it said.  

The board would have two preferred New Zealand production solutions put to it later this year, weigh these against importing and other options, and make a decision. Holcim NZ employs more than 600 people.

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