New order for FCB.Ciment, Italy

New order for FCB.Ciment, Italy
22 February 2005

SACCI S.p.a., the Italian cement group, has awarded FCB.Ciment an order for the engineering and supply of a third generation separator type TSV® 4000 HFM and a flash dryer system to modernise and improve the capacity of the cement grinding plant of Testi.

The cement type CEM IV produced by the grinding plant has an important percentage of wet fly ashes which are currently dried inside the mill. The performances of the new TSV® separator associated to the flash dryer system will ensure the classification and the drying of the fly ash outside the mill, which will make possible to increase the cement production of the grinding plant from 80tph to 120tph.

Mainly, the modernisation consists in the replacement of the existing separator and the installation of the flash dryer system under the TSV®. In the meantime, the new environmental regulations push SACCI to change the filtration system.


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