Cement industry achieves climate change target

Cement industry achieves climate change target
22 February 2005

The British Cement Association (BCA) announced that all four UK cement manufacturers and the sector as a whole have achieved their targets under the Climate Change Levy Agreements for 2004. Three years after the start of the Climate Change Agreements, the sector has achieved an improvement in specific energy consumption of 21.2 % relative to the base year position. The cement industry is well on track to hit its umbrella agreement target of a 26.8% reduction by 2010.

The four UK cement manufacturers, Buxton Lime Industries, Castle Cement, Lafarge Cement UK and Rugby Cement produce more than 90% of UK cement and have underlying Climate Change Agreements that underpin a challenging 2010 sector energy efficiency target of 1234 kWh/tt of cement relative to a 1990 baseline. The four member companies will each receive a discount of 80% on the full Climate Change Levy for meeting their targets by improving energy efficiency and thereby reducing carbon emissions.

Commenting upon the cement sector’s success Mike Gilbert, Chief Executive of the BCA said:
“Achieving their challenging targets of the Climate Change Agreements is a major success for each UK cement manufacturer and reflects their ongoing commitment to improving energy efficiency through investment in new and updated plant, as well as an increasing use of alternative fuels. The industry targets are equivalent to each member company using a quarter less energy in the future than we use today – an achievement which should not be undervalued. Together with each company’s commitment to sustainable development, the UK cement industry is playing its part in reducing environmental impacts and ensuring a better future for all.”

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