Cement market develops faster than economy , Romania

Cement market develops faster than economy , Romania
21 February 2005

The cement market in Romania saw a record high growth pace since the entrance on the market of three strategic investors: Lafarge, Holcim and HeidelbergCement, according to local news reports.

According to the estimates, the high demand for construction materials has boosted the cement market by about 10 per cent, double as against 2003 and compared with the annual growth pace since 1996 until now. The pace is faster even compared with the entire economy, considering a growth of about 8 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) in 2004.  

CarpatCement Holding SA, the local branch of  HeidelbergCement, posted last year a turnover of EUR159m, up 33 per cent on the previous year, according to preliminary figures.  

Holcim Romania, part of Holcim hit a record high (EUR118m) in terms of turnover since the entrance in 1997 on the local market.  

Lafarge with Lafarge Romcim in its portfolio increased sales by 29.7 per cent in Central and Eastern Europe, significantly backed by the demand on the construction market in Romania.  

Each of the three international players holds on the Romanian market three cement plants. The only exporter of cement from Romania is Lafarge Romcim, which has two important advantages: the plant at Medgidia, situated near the Midia seaport (at the Black Sea), and recently Lafarge Romcim has merged through absorption with port operator Sicim in Constana (at the Black Sea).  

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