Migereko Asks EU to Boost Cement Mining in Karamoja

Migereko Asks EU to Boost Cement Mining in Karamoja
11 February 2005

The Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, Mr Daudi Migereko, has asked the European Union (EU) to support the extension of electricity to Karamoja to boost cement mining in the region. 

He said there is abundant cement in the region but lack of power had hindered its productive exploitation. 

Migereko said Hima and Tororo cement factories could no longer supply enough cement to meet the demands of the ever-expanding construction industry. 

"We need your support in extending power to Karamoja because our country is running in serious problems due to insufficient supply of cement. You have supported several developmental projects in this region but what you would be remembered for is taking power to the Karimojong," he said. 

He was meeting the Head of European delegation in Uganda, Mr Sigurd Illing, at the ministry headquarters. 

For lack of electricity in Karamoja, raw materials for cement are transported from Karamoja to the processing plants for purification. This makes the process costly and damaging to the roads. 

Migereko was responding to Sigurd’s worry about the low levels of development especially in the areas of trade and tourism in the country. 

Sigurd called for the modernisation of agriculture and diversification of exports to enable Uganda register economic development. 

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