Ilam Cement set to boost construction

Ilam Cement set to boost construction
31 January 2005

According to ‘Tehran Times’, the cement produced in the Ilam Cement Plant is to see a production increase by up to 1Mt within the next two years, noted the managing director of the plant, Morteza Lotfi.

Referring to the economic problems in the province, he stated that the project would play an important role in the underprivileged province significantly. It would also reduce unemployment and alleviate deprivation in the area to some degrees. He added that upon completion, the plant would provide 1000 direct or indirect job opportunities in the region.

Given the good quality of the cement produced in the plant, many European and Asian countries call for the commodity, he explained adding that, about 60,000t of these products has been exported to Iraq since the beginning of the year.

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