Bonemeal to fuel cement plant, UK

Bonemeal to fuel cement plant, UK
14 December 2004

A cement works has been given the go-ahead to burn meat and bone meal as fuel at its South Wales plant.   The Environment Agency Wales has confirmed that Lafarge Cement"s plant at Aberthaw, in the Vale of Glamorgan, will be given a nine-month trial to use the animal-derived substance as a source of energy. 

Earlier this year, Friends of the Earth announced its opposition to the burning of so-called "biowaste" at cement plants.   But John Harrison, the area"s environment manager for the Environment Agency, welcomed the move. 

"The use of meat and bone meal as a substitute fuel at Lafarge represents a sustainable development that has potential to reduce the overall environmental impact of the works," he said. 

Aberthaw will be able to store up to 200t of meat and bone meal at its site - enough to keep the plant going for about 66 hours. 

The product, which takes the form of grains, is derived from the carcasses of cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry and fish. 

The Aberthaw site will be supplied by Fats & Proteins (UK) Ltd in Lancaster, which gets its raw materials from meat plants, boning halls and butchers.  Meat-and-bone to fuel cement plant 

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