Nesher Cement to build private gas-driven power plant

Nesher Cement to build private gas-driven power plant
27 October 2004

Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises is Israel’s sixth company to announce plans to build a private natural gas-driven power station that will compete with IEC.

Nesher Israel Cement Enterprises, a subsidiary of Clal Industries and Investments, will build a natural gas-driven power station to supply electricity to its factories, mainly in Ramle, but also in Beit Shemesh. Nesher CEO Joel Feldschuh predicts that the power station will begin operating in the first quarter of 2007.

Nesher plans to build a private power station to meet its very high energy needs in the Ramle area, where its main cement production facility is located. This will eliminate Nesher’s dependence on Israel Electricity Corporation (IEC), while improving the environment and Nesher’s business edge.

Nesher plans to initially build a small 50-megawatt power station, to meet its power needs in the Ramle area and Har-Tov industrial zone near Beit Shemesh. After successful operation of this facility, Nesher will consider building another power station near its Haifa cement factory, if the factory is still in operation.

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