Cement boss hits back

Cement boss hits back
25 October 2004

Lafarge Cement in the UK has hit back at claims burning Recycled Liquid Fuel in Westbury will create an environmental wasteland.  The firm reacted angrily to Monday night’s Inside Out programme on BBC1, which documented the efforts of the pressure group The Air That We Breathe.

Lafarge bosses were interviewed during the half-hour show, but Westbury works manager Real Simard said it was important that people knew "the truth about our plans".  He said: "These liquid fuels have been used around the world for more than 20 years, across Europe and in north America. They have consistently been shown to reduce environmental emissions from the process, so introducing this fuel will be better for the environment.

"We are the environmental leader in the cement industry, globally and nationally. After more than 40 years as part of this community, it is our firm intention to remain an active community partner in years to come.  "We firmly reject any suggestions that we want to introduce this fuel for short-term profit. As a major energy user, we need to keep fuel costs under control to keep the factory competitive and protect local jobs.  "We are not set to make millions from this, but we will be making investments to provide a service and need to be paid for doing so."

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