Shortage of cement noted, Azerbaijan

Shortage of cement noted, Azerbaijan
30 September 2004

Azerbaijan’s only producer of roofing slate, the joint stock company Baki Sifer-Keramika appealed to the president of Azerbaijan on the subject of shortage of cement that it needs to continue production operations.

The director of Baki Sifer-Keramika Telman Safarov told Azer-press that the shortage of cement caused the company to work to fifty per cent of its true capacity. The company needs approximately 10 thousand tonnes of cement; the company needs 60-70 wagons of cement on a monthly basis.

’The company asked the president for help and contacted Garadagh Cement offering to sign an agreement about supplies of cement next year. Nothing is signed yet and we fear that we shall only be able to sign the agreement next year’, Mr Safarov said.

Baki Sifer-Keramika points at the rising demand for roofing slate in the provinces of the country and says that the rising demand cannot be satisfied.

The marketing and sales director of Garadagh Cement Horia Adrian says that Garadagh Cement will try to meet the demand of all of its clients in the country. At the same time, Mr Adrian admitted that there is a gap equalling nearly 1 mn tonnes of cement between production and demand currently.

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