Grasim favours use of wastes

Grasim favours use of wastes
06 September 2004

Grasim Industry favoures an extensive use of all forms of wastes including flyash in the cement production. Industrial wastes including flyash should be used more in the production process after taking note of both technical and environment feasibility of their use, the Chief Manufacturing Officer, Mr S K Maheshwari said at a workshop in India.

Energy costs accounts for 40 per cent towards the input costs, Mr Maheshwari said that the domestic industry should find alternative sources to conventional energy sources including coal which are exhaustible in nature.

Speaking at the National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB) organised one-day workshop here, he said there is no change in quality of the product when wastes are being used in the production process.

 Dwelling on the global trend in the use of alternative fuels in cement industry, he said West European countries use the highest quantum of wastes in their production process. Asian nations like Thailand and Indonesia have also been using waste extensively for over a decade now, he concluded.

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