Enviro rules UK

Enviro rules UK
11 August 2004

The UK Environment Agency has today (Tuesday) urged operators of installations with annual missions of carbon dioxide of less than 500kt to ensure they submit their monitoring and reporting plans to the Environment Agency by the 30 September deadline.

Operators of installations emitting more than 500kt of carbon dioxide annually who have not submitted plans should have done so by 30 June. The few who have not yet provided one are advised to send  them in immediately.

Guidance to help businesses through their applications has been published by the Environment Agency following four successful monitoring and reporting workshops. The guidance contains monitoring and  reporting templates and guidance, along with example plans for different installations and sector-specific protocols. These materials are available from the Environment Agency’s website at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/emissionstrading

Environment Agency Implementation Manager Ormonde Joel said "The guidance we have produced  takes account of the feedback we received at the workshops. We hope that they are now as simple and  user-friendly as we could make them.  If any companies are in doubt about completing the form they should contact the Environment Agency for clarification."

Operators are also advised to start budgeting for annual subsistence fees, which need to be levied to cover the Environment Agency’s costs incurred in implementing and running the trading scheme. The Environment Agency is working with Defra and other regulators to set a fee, which will be consulted on later this summer.


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