Bolivian cement production up 12 per cent

Bolivian cement production up 12 per cent
25 June 2004

Bolivia’s four cement producers have increased cement production to 472,819t during the first five months of 2004, a 12 per cent increase compared to the same period in 2003, Correo del Sur reported.


For the five months to May share of production by department was calculated as follows; Chuquisaca 26.7%, La Paz 24.6%, Cochabamba 21.1 per cent, Santa Cruz 14%, Oruro 7.3% and Tarija 6%.


Santa Cruz has shown the largest growth, increasing production 32.3 per cent over the same period in 2003 to 66,298t. Cochabamba produced 99,742t, Oruro 34,610t and Chuquisaca 126,677t.


La Paz department registered a 3.8% fall to 116,699t, while production in Tarija fell 0.4 per cent to 28,793t.


Bolivia’s leading cement producer is the Soboce group followed by Fancesa, Coboce and Itacamba.

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