Unpaid tax claim

Unpaid tax claim
23 June 2004

Philippines: Davao City Councilor Liborio V Lumain urged incoming members of the 14th City Council to thoroughly investigate the unpaid taxes of the Bacnotan Cement Corporation (old name of Davao Union Cement Corporation).

In his final privilege speech during Tuesday’s session of the 13th City Council, Lumain read a letter from the concerned citizens about the city’s collectible from Bacnotan amounting to P1.2 billion.

"The collectible amount is almost equivalent to our annual budget". Based on the documents Lumain had furnished to reporters, the Concerned Citizens/Taxpayers of Davao City and the Citizens Crime and Graft Watch accused City Assessor Engdian I. Kong of "negotiating for the cancellation of Line III in the production of cement of Union Cement Corporation, particularly the tax declaration of the machineries, thereby diminishing the income of Barangay Ilang and the city.

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