Jamaica – New sewage treatment plant opened

Jamaica – New sewage treatment plant opened
21 June 2004

As part of its efforts in securing an environmentally friendly cement production, the Caribbean Cement Company has commissioned its $5.2m sewage treatment plant, which will enable the company to recycle, reuse or return wastewater to rivers and seas without harm. The plant addresses waste management and therefore environmental management, as well as water and energy conservation, “ according to Conrad Douglas, chairman of The Scientific and Research Council (SRC), designers of the plant.

The plant is based on anaerobic technology and most of the system is below ground level. The reeds assist with evapo-transpiration and the removal of nutrients that will cause algae to grow and deplete oxygen where the water flows into a body of water.

The plant’s performance has been positive since its commissioning. “Probably one week after we commissioned the system we were exceeding NEPA’s standard for reed bed one,” said Julia Brown, SRC process development manager. “For the organic matter and biological oxygen demand, it’s 1.9 and the standard is 12. “

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