Pavilion Technologies Awarded Four Cement Process Patents

Pavilion Technologies Awarded Four Cement Process Patents
08 June 2004

Pavilion Technologies, a world leader in Advanced Process Control (APC) and environmental compliance solutions, has been awarded four patents that enhance cement production efficiency through better kiln and mill control.  These patents are the result of Pavilion¹s continuing innovation and commitment to improving cement manufacturing for its customers. The inventions described in the patents are already employed in Pavilion¹s cement solution and provide unprecedented improvement in process control, controller uptime and reduced controller maintenance compared to fuzzy logic and expert system based tools.

³Pavilion continues to set the industry standard for practical innovation in control technologies,² said Pavilion CEO Ralph Carter.  ³These patent awards reflect years of work with our cement customers to provide them a technological advantage over their competitors using traditional tools.²

The recent patents include:
Kiln Thermal and Combustion Control; Patent numbers 6,438,430 and 6,625,501 B2 With patent 6,438,430, kiln and combustion control is optimized through the use of model predictive control technology to achieve more reliable operation.  Patent number 6,625,501 B2 extends Pavilion’s kiln control technology by incorporating modeling and real-time control of clinker free lime based on periodic laboratory sampling results.  Pavilion¹s kiln control application delivers increased throughput and more consistent operation even when using multiple fuel sources.

Method and Apparatus for Controlling a Non-Linear Mill; Patent numbers 6,735,483 and 6,493,596

These patents provide for non-linear modeling of cement mills, covering the various grades of cement produced, and controlling the mills based on specific models for each grade.  Pavilion¹s mill control applications have consistently reduced operational costs, improved product quality and increased throughput.

"Pavilion has more than 100 U.S. patents in areas including predictive modeling and control," said Pavilion CTO Dave Cooper. "As these new patents indicate, we will continue to invest in research that has direct and demonstrable value to our customers."

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