Austrian Asamer & Hufnagl expands

Austrian Asamer & Hufnagl expands
08 June 2004

Austrian building materials producer Asamer & Hufnagl considers expanding its operations to Libya as the US trade embargo has recently been lifted, it was reported on June 5, 2004.

Asamer & Hufnagl expressed interest in the purchase of two out of seven Libyan cement plants which are planned to undergo privatisation procedure. The company’s management has already visited the two production sites, of which one appeared to be in poor and the other in satisfactory condition. The Libyan plants will supply the domestic market as well as Asamer & Hufnagl’s Saudi Arabia-based concrete production plants. Currently, cement for those plants is delivered from the Far East.

Asamer & Hufnagl is managing, through the subsidiary ALAS International, production sites in Slovakia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Asamer& Hufnagl’s foreign units generate some EUR110m annually.

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