Ghacem to mine limestone for cement

Ghacem to mine limestone for cement
18 May 2004

The Marketing Director of Ghacem, Dr. George Dawson-Ahmoah has said "a limestone deposited in the Eastern Region will soon be mined to supply lime stone to our cement factories for the production of cement".  He said this will create more jobs for Ghanaians and reduce the cost of cement in the country.

Dr. Dawson said these at a day workshop organised by GHACEM Limited in Accra. The aim of the workshop was to "educate the public and cement users on the correct application of Ghacem’s new cement, Ghacem Super Strength Portland Cement Class 42.5N".

He said it has become a policy of the company to use local raw materials in the manufacturing of cement in the country.

He said this product has come to replace the 36 year old Standard Portland Cement Class 32.5N. He said from 1967, Ghacem has produced over 27 million tones of Standard Portland Cement Class 32.5N nationwide so it has to be replaced with the new one.

He said what makes the new cement better is that "Super Strength Portland Cement is a much stronger type of cement, has early strength development, faster setting time and finer grains leading to higher reactivity". He said Ghacem has also given out cements free of charge to some health and educational institutions in the country.

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