UK – Baseline monitoring test results are positive for Rugby residents

UK – Baseline monitoring test results are positive for Rugby residents
06 May 2004

The UK Environment Agency (EA) has released the results of baseline monitoring tests carried out at Rugby Cement. Dr David Hudson, the EA’s environment manager commented: “The pollution levels from the works have been established using only coal. All of the work done so far suggests that the plant can perform to a standard that won’t cause problems for local residents.”

According to the test results, the cement maker is complying with the stringent conditions required by the EA permit as the tests show that the impact of the cement works on its surrounding environment is minimal and has not exceeded any government standards for air quality. Moreover, it was shown that the works release 60 per cent less sulphur dioxide than two years ago, taking its levels from 193t to 77.7t. The considerable advance has been attributed to the completion of a new combustion chamber to burn coal under better control.

However, some dust from low level vents and ground level dust remain at the works and the Environment Agency has requested Rugby to clean up its act in this particular field of operations.

As the emission tests establish the current performance of the kiln during the burning with its normal fuel, ie coal, the results will set the standards for Rugby’s upcoming tyre trials. During the trials more tests will be carried out and both sets of results will be compared to assess the impact of the use of tyres as substitute fuel on plant emissions.

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