Diamond Cement hopes of doubling production

Diamond Cement hopes of doubling production
30 April 2004

Diamond Cement Ghana Limited (DCGL) is poised to double its current average daily production of 50,000 bags to 100,000 if the favourable market it has so far captured and the current demand level continues to rise the way it is doing now, according to general manager Mr. K. Chitti Babu.

According to Mr. Babu, even though the company is located far from Tema, the country’s most popular industrial zone, it has won the confidence of the Ghanaian consumer less than twenty months after it went into production.

“We started production on a much smaller scale than this, but the level of production continued to rise to meet increasing demand.

And from the way things are going we hope to expand our capacity and double production in the near future to meet demand because Ghana is developing fast”, the general manager remarked.

Mr. Babu intimated that 98 per cent of the company’s workforce is Ghanaian, and assured that preference would be given to indigenous labour even though the factory is located near the country’s eastern border.


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