World – Global Greenhouse Gas Register launched at Davos

World – Global Greenhouse Gas Register launched at Davos
22 January 2004

The World Economic Forum, currently in session at Davos, officially launched the Global Greenhouse Gas Register, developed in partnership with key international business and environmental organisations. The Register aims to stimulate disclosure and management of companies’ global climate-related emissions.

To date, 10 companies, covering about five per cent of global Annex-1 greenhouse gas emissions, have confirmed their commitment to the Register, including cement producers Cemex, Lafarge and Holcim.

“For good business reasons, Lafarge has committed itself to reducing its CO2 emissions well beyond business as usual. By including our commitment in the World Economic Forum’s Register, we want to show that business is taking real action to cut CO2 emissions at a global level. We hope that more businesses will also join us on the Forum’s Register to illustrate the enormous contribution that business as a whole is making”, according to Chris Boyd, CEO of Lafarge Italy.

With the launch of the register, participating companies can enter data into the Web-based Register. The data will be vetted and accepted by the Forum, it will be displayed on the Register’s website. It is expected that the first data will be posted as early as next month.


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