Philippines: government urged to curb smuggling

Philippines: government urged to curb smuggling
04 October 2016

The United Filipino Consumers and Commuters (UFCC) is urging government officials to stop smuggling at Iloilo pots and across the rest of the region. UFCC President, Rodolfo Javellana Jr noted that the Port of Iloilo was one of the main entry points for cement smugglers. Of nine smuggled cement shipments, three entered through the Port of Iloilo.

Speaking at the group’s anti-smuggling campaign, Mr Javellana Jr said cement shipments were not only undeclared, but also underpriced. Between January - April 2016 an estimated 12,000t of cement arrived at Iloilo port. The cement was charged a freight rate of US$8/t rather than the standard freight rate of US$23/t.

The UFCC estimates that the government is losing PHP547m (US$11.3m) daily, or PHP220bn annually from smuggling.

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