Dangote Group implores Nigeria's federal government to back concrete roads

Dangote Group implores Nigeria's federal government to back concrete roads
02 October 2017

Devakumar Edwin, executive director, strategy, portfolio development and Projects, Dangote Industries Limited, has appealed to Nigeria's federal government to embrace concrete road and use cement for the construction of its roads in Nigeria for durability purpose.

Aside from being very cheap, he said concrete roads are more durable and that its maintenance cost is near zero. According to him: "We are pushing for Nigeria to do a concrete road. It is cheaper to do a concrete road that will last 50 years than to do a bitumen road. It will also help in eliminating corruption because if you go and build a bitumen road, it will have to be adequately maintained unlike a concrete road that is very durable."

He further explained that concrete roads have a long life span, ranging to fifty years or even more compared to asphalt roads that can barely last ten years or twelve years. Furthermore, unlike asphalt roads, a concrete road does not require frequent maintenance and patching.

Concrete roads, according to him, also have the advantage of not getting deflected under the wheels of loaded trucks, this makes it consumes 15-20 per cent less fuel if compared to asphalt road. It also has resistant to automobile fuel spillage and extreme weather.

Meanwhile, Dangote group that the company has commenced the construction of concrete roads in various states across the country, particularly in Lagos, Bauchi, Kogi, Kaduna and Ogun States.

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